1. The following terms apply to the delivery of the products you ordered:
(a) Tongrentang will entrust express company to deliver the products you ordered to the address you designated. The order must be confirmed by Tongrentang before delivery.
(b) We will not deliver to PO box or hotel. Please fill in the valid delivery address and telephone number when ordering. The products you ordered are only suitable for delivery in Hong Kong.
(c) Tongrentang will arrange shipment within five working days after receiving the order. However, this will be restricted by any third-party behavior such as product supply, logistics obstruction, government behavior, public policy, etc. You will be notified by email of the expected delivery date.
(d) Unless you notify Tong Ren Tang on the day of receipt, the product will be deemed to have been delivered to you in good condition.
(e) You warrant that the products you purchase are for your own use and not for resale or any other commercial purpose.
(f) Except with the written permission of Tongrentang, the products you purchase shall not be construed as granting you any license to use any of the trademarks of Tongrentang.
(g) The above provisions shall be governed by and governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and shall be subject to the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
Exchange clause
1. Preface
1.1 all users of products purchased by Tongrentang website shall abide by this clause.
1.2 if you have any questions, you can email to
2. Return conditions and procedures
2.1 products without quality problems shall not be returned or replaced.
2.2 acceptance of product return and exchange: please inform customer service within 7 days from the date of receiving the purchased product in case of any of the following conditions, and return the product if it meets the return and exchange requirements:
(a) The product delivered is not ordered by the user;
(b) The product delivered has expired or been damaged;
(c) The delivered products have quality problems.
2.3 to meet the return request, the user must notify Tongrentang within 7 days after the product is delivered to the designated delivery address. Upon receipt of the return request, Tongrentang will review your application form and, at its sole discretion:
(a) Return the purchased products to users in full;
(b) Refund the equivalent value of the product based on the credit card account provided by the user in the order; or
(c) Inform the user that the product does not comply with this return policy.
2.4 Tongrentang hall will confirm the user's return application by email, and when the user receives the confirmation email, the user can send the returned product to the following address:
2.5 the user agrees and is responsible for the refund of any product to Tong Ren Tang, whether by mail or other means. Tong Ren Tang reserves the right to deduct any collection service fees from the refunded amount.
2.6 Tongrentang shall not start the return procedure until receiving and approving the return request of the user. In case of dispute, Tongrentang reserves the right of final decision.
3. Non returnable products
3.1 no return or exchange will be given to products for promotion, price reduction or clearance.
3.2 Tongrentang reserves the right not to accept any return request without giving any reason.
3.3 without prejudice to the above provisions, for the avoidance of doubt, products that have been marked or otherwise shown as promotion, price reduction or inventory will not be returned.
4. refund
4.1 all non refundable products will not be refunded. The non refundable products returned to Tongrentang will be regarded as abandoned by users, which will automatically be regarded as the user authorizes Tongrentang to discard the products.
4.2 the user must return the invoice and all coupons and gifts together with the product to get the refund arranged by Tongrentang.
4.3 it takes four to five weeks for the credit card issuing institution to return the payment to the user.
5. Undeliverable orders
5.1 if the product fails to be delivered to the address designated by the user and returned to Tongrentang, Tongrentang will only return the product price after deducting the transportation fee and other related expenses, including the administrative processing fee (about 15% of the product price).
5.2 products that cannot be delivered will not be delivered again, and this order will be deemed to be cancelled by the user.