Beijing Niu Huang Jie Du Pian (Sugar Coated)
Clear away heat and detoxify, expel wind to relieve pain. Dizziness and vertigo, mouth ulcers, toothache, sore throat, constipation, pruritus caused by accumulated heat in the stomach and lung.
HK$ 52.50
Tongren Liu Shen Wan
Alleviation of stomatitis, sore throat, cheilitis and other swellings caused by gastric fever.
HK$ 33.80
Zhifuping Xuedu Wan
Removing toxic agents from the blood. Reducing swelling and relieving itching.For dizziness and constipation caused by incoordination between the channels and collaterals, dampness and heat, dryness-fire in the blood.
HK$ 44.00