PHY Camellia Oil (200ml)
100% pure camellia oil. Moisturizes the skin and helps soothe sensitive skin
HKD 220.00
Tin Hee Tong Tin Hee Pills
Appetite enhancement, tonic and restorative and for general health.
HK$ 544.00
Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang
To clear scourge, remove toxin,diffuse the lung and discharge heat.
HK$ 48.00
Plus 40 for Women the Revitalizer
Reinforces liver and kidney, strengthens tendons and bones, enriches the “tiangui”, nourishes essence & bold, invigorates the brain balance of “Yin and Yang”. It helps to relieve menopause discomforts and symptoms of liver and kidney Yin deficiencies such as lumbago and weak knees, hot flushes and sweats, depression, forgetfulness, insomnia, heart palpitation, tightness of chest, loss of skin tone, heel pain, loss of hair, looseness of teeth, abdominal distension and belching. Plus 40 for Women, the Revitalizer can also be used for regulating menstrual, pain symptoms due to weakness in liver and kidney.
HK$ 792.00
ELIXOL - Belle
Enriches blood to replenish Yin, invigorates Qi to strengthen Yang, nourishes Yin to rejuvenate skin, and unclogs the meridian and blood. It helps to relieve symptoms of irregular menses, abdominal pain during menstruation, dry skin, lusterless complexion, lack of energy due to insufficiency of blood and Qi and essence deficiency.
HK$ 532.00
ELIXOL - prime
Nourishes the liver and kidney to replenish vital essence and strengthens the body. The product is suitable for young males with weak constitution and symptoms like spermatorrhea, thinness, waist & knee pain, somnoience,dizziness and lack of energy.
HK$ 532.00
Pien Tze Huang Gan Bao
Protects and strengthens the liver from excessive drinking and smoking.
HK$ 800.00
Pien Tze Huang Unguentum Compositum
This medicine has the functions such as dephlogistication ,detoxication, pain relief,etc. Which is used to cure skin diseases such as acne, haemorhoids, burn,mosquito bite injury and injuries from falls, fractures, contusions and strains.
HK$ 61.60