Buzhong Yiqi Wan
To strengthen the middle-jiao and replenish qi, upraise the middle qi and lift sunken middle qi. Diarrhea, caused by weakness of spleen-stomach and sinking of middle qi, manifested as fatigue, lack of strength, poor appetite, abdominal distension.
HK$ 48.00
Baifeng Wan
To invigorate the vital energy, nourish the blood, regulate the menstruation and stop leukorrhea.
HK$ 104.00
Qi Ju Di Huang Wan
To nourish the kidney and liver .Dizziness, photophobia, dacryorrhea irritated by wind and blurred vision due to yin deficiency in liver and kidney.
HK$ 40.00
Shi Quan Da Bu Wan
Nourishing and recuperating the vital energy and blood.For those caused by general weakness of vital energy and blood: shortness of breath, palpitation, dizziness, spontaneous perspiration, cold hands and feet.
HK$ 48.00
Tiaojing Yuzi Wan
To warm kidney, nourish spleen and invigorate blood flow. Yang-deficiency of spleen and kidney.
HK$ 76.00
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
Nourishment for vitality and physical invigoration. For general delibity, weakness of knees and dizziness.
HK$ 68.00
Jinseng Tsai Tsao Wan
To replenish the vital energy and the blood relieve convulsions, eliminate endogenous wind-syndrome, activate the tendons.
HK$ 180.00
Ultra Fine Pearl Powder
To settle spirit and convulsion, clear the liver and improve vision. This product is used for treating fright palpitations and fearful throbbing, vexation and insomnia, etc.(Read package insert for details).
HK$ 218.00