MARIHI Suntan Treatment Facial Mask
This product contains aloe vera, Chinese skullcap, licorice and other plant extracts. It can repair the dryness, tightness, roughness and other discomforts caused by sun exposure, replenish the dehydrated skin, improve skin relaxation, enhance the repairing power of the skin, and make the skin moist, comfortable, delicate and smooth.
HK$ 80.00
MARIHI Anti-acne Hydration Facial Mask
This product contains plant ingredients such as radix sophorae flavescentis (Kushen), radix rehmanniae, herba portulacae, and tea tree leaf oil;
HK$ 80.00
MARIHI Aloe Firming Up Hydration Facial Mask
It contains with aloe vera, oat beta glucan, sodium hyaluronate and ginger root, which help replenish skin moisture and improve dry lines caused by dryness; improve skin irritation, maintain skin health, and improve skin elasticity.
HK$ 80.00
Ganmao Qingre Chongji
Common cold due to wind-cold with manifestations of headache, fever, aversion to cold, general pain, thin nasal discharge, coughing and dry throat.
HK$ 36.00
MARIHI Pearl, Whitening Crystal Facial Mask
It contains a variety of whitening ingredients to improve dull skin and create a clear and fair skin tone. It is especially suitable for use before makeup, leaving a naturally beautiful complexion.
HK$ 80.00
MARIHI A Jiao Nourishing Facial Mask
It helps to nourish the skin, replenish skin moisture, and make the skin moisturized and shiny.
HK$ 80.00
MARIHI Ginkgo Hydration Nourishing Facial Mask
It helps replenish skin moisture, moisturize and nourish skin, relieve skin discomfort, and make skin hydrated, brightening, and comfortable.
HK$ 80.00
Beijing Tong Ren Tang Dan Shen Pill Compound
Chest distress.To remove blood stasis and promote blood circulation, relieve pain and regulate vital energy.
HK$ 68.00