Renshen Lurong Wan
To invigorate the kidney to produce the vital essence, tonify qi and nourish the blood.
HK$ 220.00
Jin Gui Shen Chi Wan
To warm and tonify the kidney yang,to resolve qi and move water.Kidney deficiency,weakness of low back and knees, fear of cold and cold limbs.
HK$ 96.00
Bazhen Yimu Wan
Deficiency of qi and blood in women with general weakness.
HK$ 48.00
Kunbao Wan
Indications To nourish the liver and kidney, tranquilize mind and quiet spirit, nourish blood and free the collateral vessels. Female climacteric syndrome due to deficiency of yin of the liver and the kidney marked by tidal heat, excessive sweating, insomnia, forgetfulness, fidgetiness, dizziness, dryness of the throat, thirsty, aching pain of the limbs and joints pain.((See insert for details))
HK$ 76.00
MARIHI Whitening & Moisturizing Facial Mask
Contains plant ingredients such as Angelica, Salvia, Poria, Motherwort, etc., which can fully remove the dirt on the surface of the skin and in the pores, change the dullness of the skin, and make the skin clean and moist.
HK$ 80.00
MARIHI Suntan Treatment Facial Mask
This product contains aloe vera, Chinese skullcap, licorice and other plant extracts. It can repair the dryness, tightness, roughness and other discomforts caused by sun exposure, replenish the dehydrated skin, improve skin relaxation, enhance the repairing power of the skin, and make the skin moist, comfortable, delicate and smooth.
HK$ 80.00
MARIHI Anti-acne Hydration Facial Mask
This product contains plant ingredients such as radix sophorae flavescentis (Kushen), radix rehmanniae, herba portulacae, and tea tree leaf oil;
HK$ 80.00
MARIHI Aloe Firming Up Hydration Facial Mask
It contains with aloe vera, oat beta glucan, sodium hyaluronate and ginger root, which help replenish skin moisture and improve dry lines caused by dryness; improve skin irritation, maintain skin health, and improve skin elasticity.
HK$ 80.00